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Meet Our Team

We hold that kindness goes a long way, and is an integral part of reaching the high level of practice and service that we have to offer to any client.

How well do you know your property manager? Are they go-getters and up for the challenges that come with Property Management? Here at Utiger Properties, we ensure our staff are well trained, experienced and ready to face any challenge we’re met with.

Meet our amazing team of go-getters:

Leeanne Utiger - property manager

Leeanne Utiger-Foote

Leeanne brings over 15 years of property related experience to her business. Having come from the North Island 10 years ago, Leeanne brought with her 5 years of experience at a high level having being thrown into the position of Property Manager from Property Inspector with no formal training. It was either ‘sink or swim’ being passed a portfolio of 180 properties with many underlining issues and a multitude of rent arrears.

Awards and Qualifications:

Awarded Excellence of Service to Property Management
4 years running for the Central/Wellington Region for Professionals Real Estate
Level 4 Certificate in Property Management
Level 4 Certificate in Real Estate (Salesperson)
8th Place TMC Property Management Agent of the Year 2023
Winners TMC Independent Small Office of the Year 2023

Branden Foote - property manager

Branden Foote

Branden has joined Utiger Properties as a Partner in July 2023, complimenting the family run boutique business style of service.

Being around Property Management for 15 years, he has brought with him the knowledge of change in the property management industry over the years and expertise in technology which is a high driving force and tool for any inspiring business, with an extensive understanding of the processes involved in all aspects of ensuring your investment property is reaching its full potential.

Outside of business hours, Branden enjoys seeing more of what our beautiful country offers – traveling both around the South and North Islands.

Branden approaches his work with a professional and personal manner promoting healthy business relationships while maintaining best practice procedures.

Awards and Qualifications:

Winners TMC Independent Small Office of the Year 2023