Utiger Properties

Leeanne Utiger-Foote

Leeanne - property manager Christchurch and Selwyn

Leeanne brings over 15 years of property related experience to her business. Having come from the North Island 10 years ago, Leeanne brought with her 5 years of experience at a high level having being thrown into the position of Property Manager from Property Inspector with no formal training. It was either ‘sink or swim’ being passed a portfolio of 180 properties with many underlining issues and a multitude of rent arrears.

Using her analytical and comprehensive dedication to ‘not being a quitter’ and methodical planning and creation of best practice procedures, Leeanne transformed her first portfolio to one of success, rising above and being awarded for Excellence in Property Management for the National Regional Awards in the Central/Wellington Area 4 years running with Professionals Real Estate.

On coming to Canterbury Leeanne has gained extensive knowledge of the market now surrounding her, becoming more than competent in offering superior advice on rents, improvements and ongoing maintenance to make her clients investment plan successful.

Being goal driven Leeanne established Utiger Properties just over 3 years ago, right in the middle of the Covid Pandemic which brought with it all kinds of obstacles to overcome which she did so with passion and constant devotion to her business plan and her onboarding clients, which are still with her today.

Her goal was to bring Property Management into a new era in providing a true passion for not only property but people, providing a more personal approach to business, building lasting relationships creating a different kind of atmosphere in the property management industry, which has come with proven results.

Having studied Psychology in 2011 Leeanne gained many insights into social behaviours and how people interact, and has continued to explore this avenue for quiet enjoyment of reading and to further contribute to how she conducts business. Outside of business, Leeanne carries the same dedication and motivation with not being shy of any challenge. She can often be seen on the walking trails around New Zealand with her family and her beloved Swedish Vallhund, or even over the Swiss Alps paragliding while recently exploring her ‘homeland’.

Her ability to interact with people from all walks of life shines through in her business building relationships, with her down to earth, friendly and devoted manner. She takes her appreciative manner of life into the successful running of property management in providing ‘Welcome Gift Baskets’ to all tenants, a ‘Mystery Gift’ to her Tenant of the Month Plan and ‘Christmas Gifts’, all to say ‘thank you’.

Awards and Qualifications:

  • Awarded Excellence of Service to Property Management
  • 4 years running for the Central/Wellington Region for Professionals Real Estate
  • Level 4 Certificate in Property Management
  • Level 4 Certificate in Real Estate (Salesperson)
  • 8th Place TMC Property Management Agent of the Year 2023
  • Winners TMC Independent Small Office of the Year 2023