Utiger Properties

FAQs for Landlords

We know you have lots of questions, and have answered some of the commonly asked ones below. If you can’t find the answers to your questions though, please do get in touch.

If maintenance queries are reported by the tenant, the property owner is advised of such on the same day, with a request for Utiger Properties to sort to remedy. If an authority is granted yet we feel a repair may exceed the general allowed for expenditure limit (which
most clients opt of $350.00 + GST) we ask for either a repair or a quote (whichever the expenditure limit and instructions allow for). This would generally apply in all cases, with the exception of emergencies, such as a leak, electrical issue putting tenants at risk or in danger. If in a case of urgent, or emergency Utiger Properties will take the initiative and arrange for repairs, (even if a temporary) fix (which can be the case when a leak arises), advise the property owner of what has taken place and move forward from there if further work is required to be carried out.

We are proud to have a trusted, qualified and professionally efficient team of Tradespeople who support us with keeping our managed properties up to date with maintenance issues at all times.

Utiger Properties maintains a daily Nil rent arrears report, and carries a low tolerance for rent arrears, yet understands circumstances can pop up or change for an individual. If a tenant is having trouble with rent payments and brings this to our attention we will arrange a short term payment plan to resolve while maintaining payments of all future current rent. If the payment plan is broken, or not committed to, appropriate procedures are followed to recover any loss of rent, including possible termination of tenancy in a timely manner.

Utiger Properties processes Owner Payments twice a month. Once at MM (mid month) and once at EOM (end of month). As a property owner you can choose which payment schedule you wish to be on. You can opt for Twice monthly, or Monthly. Please note, twice monthly is not to be confused with fortnightly payments. Twice monthly or mid month is scheduled for payment on the 15th of every month. End of month is scheduled for the last day of each month, unless something prevents this, such as a public holiday, or this days falls on a weekend, therefore the payment will be made on the very next business day. All owner payments are processed as normal over the extended Christmas/New Year period without delays of offices having to reopen first.

We can make weekly payments if this is a preferred option although is not common.

If a circumstance arises for you and you require a payment made urgently outside of the scheduled payment arrangement, you can request an interim one off manual payment. This can take place on the same day as requested.

When carrying out inspections, thorough notes are taken as well as supported photos. Generally, the photos of importance that we take and keep on file primarily for insurance purposes (if needed) are of ceilings, floorings, walls, any water/moisture area such as bathrooms/showers, toilets, and windows. While we also visibly check under vanities, under kitchen sinks, under laundry tubs to ensure there are no water stains, or any indication of a possible leak, we cannot always provide a photo taking into account the restrictions under the Privacy Act. In addition to this we check for soft or crumbling walls around the bottom edge corners where showers meet the wall. This area is a good indicator of a possible leak or not. The inspection report is sent out to the property owner from the property in real time. Please note, as the property owner you are more than welcome to accompany Utiger Properties to an inspection – we would require advance request of this for any upcoming inspection so the tenant can be advised the property owner will also be in attendance.

These are provided to all property owners within the first 5 days of the new year for the previous financial year.

Monthly statements are provided with the property owner EOM payment.

In short, yes you can but be mindful your property is a place of business (PCBU), so we would require any of your tradespeople to  complete the same Contractors Agreement that our trusted team of Tradespeople complete before they are permitted to enter any of our properties managed. This is for insurance purposes.