Utiger Properties

FAQs for Tenants

The process of commencing your tenancy can be a bit daunting, especially if you have not been through this process before, or in a long time. Below you can find outlined answers to most questions, however we do encourage both new and existing tenants to reach out to us with any questions you may have. We are here to help.

Before a tenancy commences, if your application has been approved, you will be led through the steps of signing your Tenancy Agreement and Bond Lodgement Form. All tenants moving into a property specified on the Tenancy Agreement are required to sign both the Agreement and the Bond Lodgement Form. It is specified on the Tenancy Agreement 2 weeks rent in advance, and bond (equivalent to 4 weeks rent) is due payable before the date your tenancy commences.

Your Bond is lodged with MBIE (Bond Centre) no less than 23 days from receipt of payment.

If the moving in costs are not received by the start date of your tenancy keys for the property cannot be released until this has been resolved.

  • Under Section 23 (1) (a) of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 the landlord shall not require payment of more than 2 weeks in  advance.
  • Under Section 18 of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 a Landlord can ask for up to, yet no more than the equivalent of 4 weeks rent.

Prior to the keys being released to you, a thorough Ingoing Inspection is  carried out with detailed notes made on the condition of the property room by room. In addition to this, photos are taken of each room and of any deficiency or damage that may already exist. The written report is emailed to you as well as a copy being provided in a Tenancy Folder we leave at the property. The folder will also contain all and any relevant information to your tenancy and the property.

Sadly many tenants do not have any form of insurance cover. It is strongly suggested you speak to an insurance provider and discuss what sort of cover best suits your needs, remember to add an extension for Public Liability. This will ensure you are covered for anything unexpected.

It is advisable to set up an automatic payment for your rent to come through to Utiger Properties on a regular basis, be this weekly or fortnightly. Your bank can help you with this if you are unsure. Utiger Properties does not have a Direct Debit option. All required information to set this up is stated on the Tenancy Agreement. 

Uitger Properties holds a zero tolerance for rent arrears best practice policy. 

To avoid any possible claim made to terminate your tenancy based on rent arrears, please reach out to us to discuss so we can try to reach a resolution to avoid this.

Utiger Properties encourages you to report all maintenance, even if you feel it is minor. Let us look after this for you. To report any  maintenance we have made this super easy and provided a Maintenance Report Form for you to complete here, and if possible add photos to.

What do I do after hours if there is an emergency?

If an emergency arises outside of office hours please call or text 021 087 64727 – someone will come back to you as soon as possible. Please note: the emergency after hours line should only be used in state of urgency this involves electrical, drainage, plumbing, and/or water supply, and risk to health and/or safety if repairs are not seen to immediately.

Please be mindful if the requested maintenance is not considered to be urgent upon repair any related call out cost may be passed on to you for reimbursement to the Landlord.

Please check the following before contacting us:

No Power: 

  1. Always check with your power provider first

Blocked bathrooms/kitchen/laundry drains:

  1. Always check you have nothing causing this – hair is common in a shower drain, remove if present. If a kitchen or laundry drain is affected, please ensure there is no food, other small item or lint (laundry) present. Please be mindful if a repair is carried out and it is  found you have caused this issue the cost of repair will be claimed back from you to reimburse the Landlord.

Cannot get any hot water

  1. Have you made sure the main power switch in the HWC is turned on. At the beginning of a tenancy Utiger Properties ensures this is on for you so you have hot water on the day you move in – however;
  2. Have you had your power connected?

If your hot water is run on gas, have you arranged for your gas connection and had your required gas bottles connected?

Commando hooks/hanging pictures

  1. Utiger Properties prohibits the use of commando hooks on walls – these cause lots of damage to walls on removal. Please use 5mm metal picture hooks, strategically placed where someone else is likely to hang a picture. Please leave in the wall at the
    end of your tenancy.

Stains/spillages on carpet

  1. Please do not RUB or SCRUB at a spillage. This will often make matters worse and cause irreparable damage. Use cold water, and/or call a Professional Carpet Cleaner. Utiger Properties recommends:

    Clean & Dry Carpet Cleaning
    [email protected]
    022 456 1188


Tenant is responsible to maintain general garden weeding and the lawns.

Landlord is responsible to maintain trimming and maintenance of hedges, tress and large shrubbery.

NB: If you have made arrangements with our tradesperson and have failed to meet this arrangement, and therefore prevented access a callout fee will be charged for their time (if applicable).

We are often asked why we do routine inspections. These are carried out quarterly, so every 3 months of your tenancy – and are quite painless. Primarily this is done for property insurance purposes, and to ensure there are no maintenance issues we are not aware of  that need addressing and/or repairing.

Under Section 48 (2) (b) – the landlord may enter the premises for the purpose of inspecting the premises, at any time between 8 o’clock in the morning and 7 o’clock in the evening on a day specified in a notice given to the tenant not less than 48 hours nor more than 14 days before the intended entry, and not more frequently than once in any period of 4 weeks.


If you are on a Periodic Tenancy, you are required provide Utiger Properties a minimum of 28 days written notice via email or post.

Fixed Term Tenancy

You cannot give notice on a Fixed Term to terminate your tenancy. You can request to break your lease by completing a Break Lease Request form which can be requested from your Property Manager. 

If your request is approved you will be required to pay all rent up to and for the day before a new tenancy commences regardless of still being in the property or not, or when your current Fixed term tenancy expires, whichever comes first. You will also be responsible to pay for all costs associated with this process. A breakdown of what type of costs can be obtained from your Property Manager. A final costs incurred form and invoice will be forwarded to you on completion.

While any property is being advertised for new tenants, as the current tenant you are responsible to allow reasonable access for viewings to take place with no less than 48 hours notice. If the scheduled viewing is going to cause a significant inconvenience please contact Utiger Properties immediately so this can be rescheduled. 

Prior to the end of your tenancy, you will be provided with a tenant ledger showing what rent is payable up to and for the final day of your tenancy, with an accompanying cleaning checklist and a date and time of your final Vacate Inspection. It is your responsibility to ensure the property is left in a reasonably clean and tidy condition – this will accommodate a faster return of your Bond from the Tenancy Services Bond Centre.

It is expected all keys, garage door remotes and any key cards you have had during your tenancy are returned at this time, or through other alternate agreed upon arrangements – if these are not returned Utiger Properties reserves the right to pass on these charges to you for replacement or changes of all locks.