Utiger Properties

How it Works

We are bringing Property Management into a new era by providing a friendly and personal approach to your investment journey – getting to know who YOU are to better understand YOUR needs and YOUR goals.

How it works


Contact one of our friendly property managers in Christchurch and have a chat about your needs and expectations.

Meet and Greet / Appraisal

In all possible instances we prefer to meet with you at the property and prepare a report of the property. We’ll prepare a comprehensive appraisal report including comparable properties in the area, along with advice of the current market rent, to indicate exactly what your property can at best obtain.

Compliance Observation

While making notes in preparation for the formal rent appraisal, we also observe what may or may not already meet any compliance requirements, for both Healthy Homes Standards and Smoke Alarm Requirements.

Signing of the Management Authority

On making the decision to entrust your asset/s to
us and providing a signed Management Authority, we will move forward efficiently to confirm the agreement and commence initial procedures required to get your investment appropriately ready for marketing.

Changes of Landlord/Agent

If upon signing your property/properties to Utiger
Properties you are also terminating a contract with another Agency, we can transparently and smoothly manage this transition for you. We will provide you with a Change of Agent document for you to complete where required, sign and return. Upon receipt of this we will reach out to the specified Agent to commence the formalities on your behalf.

What We Do

Property Management has evolved and become a larger industry governed by many additional legislative laws and standards than in the past. We provide a superior level of performance constantly maintaining and overseeing your asset, ensuring it is reaching its full potential in any current market and stage of tenanting, while still promoting our proactive approach to reduce disputes, prevention of damages and depreciation of your asset.

Ingoing Inspections

We provide a thorough Ingoing inspection before the commencement of any new tenancy. We make extensive notes with the addition of between 500 – 800 photos supporting the condition of the property before any tenancy commences. At this time we also check for any possible maintenance requirements.

Routine Inspections

Throughout the tenancy thorough routine inspections are carried out generally every 3 months, most insurance polices require this. Maintenance issues and the condition of the property are noted. We follow up with the tenants if there is anything we need them to remedy or be mindful of in prevention of possible damage. These reports are emailed to you from the property in real time.

Vacate Inspections

At the end of any tenancy once the tenants have moved, out we carry out a similar inspection to the Ingoing inspection, comparing what is visible at this time to when the tenants initially moved in. If there are any discrepancies or issues, which may include requirements for extra cleaning, repairs from damage these are resolved before any bond is released. At the same time we check that all monies owed including rent paid up to and for the final day of tenancy, and not excluding any other miscellaneous costs owing.

Meticulous Tenant Selection /Screening

We think of your property as our property and ensure we do
our best at matching tenants suitably compatible to the property.

  • Thorough background checking from 25 sources.
  • Credit checking using (Centrix Credit Bureau of NZ & Equifax)
  • Landlord and employer checks (please note, we take in good faith from referees they are being truthful and honest)

Being an Elite Partner of Tenancy Practice Services – a leading platform in Property Management – we have access to all the best services available for screening tenants at the highest level within NZ, and providing meticulous Tenancy Agreements.

Christchurch property management
Rural property management

Supportive Leading Industry Platforms

  • Palace/MRI Real Estate Software – (home for all things Property Management, including Client Owner Portal access to keep up to date with all financial records and statements which
    are easily downloadable from the comfort of your own home at any time)
  • Tenancy Practice Service – (home for anything tenant related, from screening, training, consultancy, to booking viewings, tenant applications and access to superior Tenancy
  • Inspection Express – (home for all inspection requirements, a tool any elite Property Manager should look at investing in
    – providing superior reporting ability with an overall high quality presentable format)
  • Property Guru – (a home for comparing properties in your area for all purposes of Real Estate, with access to thorough  comparative appraisal reporting for your rental property)
  • Trademe – (advertising purposes)
  • Allhouse – (Advertising purposes)

In addition, Utiger Properties connects your property to potential tenants through both our Facebook and Instagram pages.